Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Accommodation near Brisbane Convention Centre South Bank

Coming to Brisbane for an event, conference or exhibition?
Find the best hotel near the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Whether it’s the sweet symphonies of your favourite band, the roaring applause at a graduation or the allure of knowledge at an exhibition, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is the perfect stage for it all. Novotel Brisbane South Bank is the perfect choice for accommodation near the Brisbane Convention Centre in South Bank. It’s only a 100m short walk, through a connecting laneway.

The BCEC hosts sporting events, concerts, conferences, festivals and expos all year round. You can also find refreshment at the BCEC’s cafes and restaurants, and see some of the fine indigenous art on display around the venue.

Embrace the convenience of location while elevating your stay with exquisite features and quality benefits. Come for your event and stay on for a holiday in one of Australia’s up and coming cities.