8 things you never knew you could learn in Brisbane

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Brisbane has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring new activities and fostering your curiosity. We have complied some of the weird and wonderful things you can learn in Brisbane, so your skills are always up to date.

Salsa Dancing

Nestled in between the Treasury Brisbane Casino and the Brisbane City Central Library, Friday nights have started to come alive at the Reddacliffe Place with friends and strangers collectively engaging in the fun of Salsa dancing. But don’t worry if you have never danced before! There are free dancing lessons from 8pm will get you acquainted with art of the infamous Latin American dancing style. Of course, you also get to put your newly acquired skills to use with a live DJ accompanying you throughout the night. Whether you want to learn a new skill or simply watch the professionals put their best foot forward, Salsa nights at the Reddacliffe Place are guaranteed to get your weekend off to a good start.


A team at the Georgetown University Medical Centre recently found that skin contact with fresh soil boosts serotonin levels in the body and therefore, makes us happy! Luckily, you can learn the art of gardening (and not killing all your plants, let’s face it) at multiple community hubs around Brisbane – South Bank’s Epicurious Gardens and the West End Community Garden. Discover what makes good soil, how to let your plants thrive and fascinating and helpful information about Australian native flora & fauna. Participation is free and you can also partake in harvests, which let you enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally).

Feeding wild dolphins

Take a visit to Moreton Island and Tangalooma to experience a breathtaking encounter with a pod of wild dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins are playful and visit the shores of the island each night just after sunset. The dolphins are fed only 10% of their daily food intake, so they do not lose their natural hunting instincts. Learn about dolphins and the bay they call home and Moreton Island from Eco Rangers and get closer to nature like you have ever been before! Tangalooma Flyer ferries leave almost every day and start from $84 for an adult.


Whether you are simply trying to brush up your writing skills or are aiming to become the next J.K. Rowling, Queensland Writers offers a multitude of writing courses. Some of Australia’s best in literature will help you navigate your way from collecting ideas through to overcoming any writing blocks. Choose from a basic introduction to grammar, ‘How to get published’ or ‘How to write a short story’ and many more to kick-start that book that you have always wanted to write. Prices vary depending on which course you choose.

Circus Classes

If you are looking for a rather extraordinary set of skills to learn, the art of circus may be the one for you. Learn easy skills, such as hula hoping, or dare a little more and fly through the air like a real trapeze artist. Flipside Circus in Alderley is Queensland’s largest youth arts organisation and is proud to empower children and young people to tell their own stories and shape their vision of the future. They also have a variety of classes for adults that will help you find your perfect act. There even is a class for adults that incorporates twelve different classes on different circus accessories in case you are so excited you don’t know what to start with!


Have you ever heard the saying: One man’s trash another man’s treasure? In case you weren’t aware, upcycling is in! Upcycling is the art of taking what is trash to some and turning it into something useful. At Reverse Garbage, you can exercise your creativity and transform those old items that have been collecting dust in your garage for years, into real life functional bookshelves, lamps, backpacks and much more. Not only does this save you money, but also fosters your creativity and we promise that you the feeling of having built something with your very own two hands is very rewarding.


In times where we have fallen victim to stock standard fonts everywhere, the art of hand lettering, Calligraphy, is receiving a rather large comeback. Beginners can learn the basics of typography and custom lettering at Workshop in South Brisbane or at Pixiedust Calligraphy in Brisbane City. In addition to the beautifully unique lettering you will take home with you, hand lettering is also said to have a meditative effect on the brain. Double win!


Nestled in between some of Brisbane’s most iconic laneways, the QLD Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art, the Cork & Chroma art studio lets you paint your favourite artwork while sipping on your favourite wine. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, are having a girl’s night out or simply want to switch off after a long day at work, Cork & Chroma have created a positive, encouraging environment in their new laneway studio in South Bank. So, grab a brush and a glass of wine and paint away!

Brisbane’s cultural and social hub, South Bank, provides the perfect base from which you can explore Brisbane. Whether you are looking at exploring one of the amazing courses listed or simply relax in close proximity to the South Bank Parklands and Streets Beach, South Bank is the place to be. Start planning your next adventure now with our irresistible accommodation deals.