Seven ways to delight any adrenaline junkie in Brisbane

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Are you looking for something to break up the monotony of everyday life? Then take your pick from the wonderful, adrenaline filled experiences listed below. We have curated some of the most thrilling and mind-bending activities in Brisbane for you that are guaranteed to make your heart race.

Axe Throwing at Lumber Punks

You are probably thinking: ‘Axe throwing? Surely, I will accidentally hit myself’ or ‘Isn’t that just for Lumber jacks?’ Well, not anymore! Let the professionals at Lumber Punks show you how it is done here in Brisbane – safely of course. Each session starts with safety training and you will get to practice a bunch before under supervision as well. No doubt, you will be comfortable with your grip, distance and axe in no time. You will also be able to compete in small games with your friends for the ultimate axe-glory. Lumber Punks features 19 lanes in total, enabling group bookings and individual fun alike. After your throwing session, make sure to check out their arcade, filled with plenty of fun pinball machines. Lumber Punks have also collaborated with nearby Ballistic Brewing Company, Archive Beer Boutique & Brisbane Brewing Company for some sweet discounts after your session, but make sure it’s after your session, there is a strict no alcohol policy before or while you are wielding the axes. Well, what are you waiting for? Sessions start from $45pp and you will be an axe-pert in no time.

Smash It at Rage Cage Smash Room

Their motto is simple: Smash things…feel better. A tempting promise that for just $49, you can take out any frustration that may or may not have been building up inside. Choose from, among other things, old TVs, glassware, printers, and microwaves as your targets of choice, and crowbars, bats and sledgehammers as your weapons. Hyped as a way to have fun, de-stress or simply just to make a bad day better, the rage cage has been providing Brisbane-ites with an alternative to seeing a therapist since 2019. Of course, full safety gear is supplied so you are protected from any sharp flying objects making it a safe experience for all ages.

Abseiling Cliffs

The Kangaroo Point cliffs are an iconic sight in the heart of Brisbane. Reaching as high as 30 metres straight up, abseiling off the cliffs is not for the faint hearted and will surely challenge you if you are not comfortable with heights. There is a bonus though, at the top of the cliffs, you can take in one of the best views Brisbane has to offer. Watch City Cats glide by, the sun disappear behind the CBD’s high-rises and of course the beautiful Brisbane River. When it is your time to take the plunge, you will receive a bit of encouragement from the Riverlife team to overcome your natural fight or flight instinct as you step off the edge and abseil down to the ground. From $65 per adult & $55 per child, you will receive professional guidance, a safety briefing and all the gear you need to enjoy this thrilling Brisbane experience.

iFly indoor sky diving or RL sky diving

Indoor skydiving at its best! Located at Westfield in Chermside, just 10km north of the CBD, you can soar like a bird in the first generation 12ft (3.65m) diameter iFLY wind tunnel in Brisbane. Welcoming flyers of all ages and abilities, children as young as three years old and wheelchair bound people can also take part in this gripping experience. The iFLY team also facilitates corporate & team building events, kid’s birthday parties and virtual reality skydives. From $79, you can enjoy your very own sensation of floating on a smooth cushion of air.

Rally driving in Willowbank

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to press the accelerator in your car and just keep gaining speed? Well, the Rally School at Willowbank, near Ipswich, offers the ultimate experience of driving in a real rally competition car on their racetrack. Offering three different racing combinations on their Motorsport precinct lets you experience the thrill of being a race car driver first hand. The surface of the dirt track is smooth, fast and ideal for hitting tremendous speeds. Many of the professionals at Rally School are ex-professional rally car drivers and will conduct a thorough induction and safety training with you. Additionally, you will have a professional sitting in the passenger seat while you are driving, keeping you safe at all times. You can also opt for a hot lap, where one of the professionals races around the track, with you in the passenger seat. From only $135, this great experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, as it is just as fun to watch.

Escape Room

Not for the claustrophobic! Escape rooms are built on the premise of being locked into a room and having to solve a multitude of puzzles in 60 minutes to retrieve your ‘exit ticket’. There are multiple locations you can experience an Escape room adventure in Brisbane, one of the closest ones to our hotel being ‘Quest Room’ at 13 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane. All escape rooms also have a different theme, and are animated accordingly, with Quest offering: Sherlocked, Escape the Jigsaw and The Lost Tomb. The price varies depending on how many people are playing, and start from $35 per person.

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

Walk among the dead at Brisbane’s largest cemetery in Toowong. Ghost Tours Australia run a two-hour historic ghost tour, telling the tales of dead governors, murderers, black widows and buried boxers. As part of the tour you will also receive a copy of the book: Ghosts of Toowong by Jack Sim. Additionally, part of your ticket price is donated to the Ghost Tours’ Heritage Fund. You can take part in this spooky experience from just $45 per adult, every Friday and Saturday evening,.

Have you picked a favourite yet? Brisbane is a great city for your next holiday destination and maybe you can add one of these action-packed experiences to your bucket list for the next time you come to Brisbane. Check out our accommodation packages for your next stay in our adventure-filled river city.