24 Hours in Brisbane Schedule

24 Hours in Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane! There are so many reasons to love our river city and even if all you have is 24 hours, you can experience some extraordinary activites in Brisbane. Trust us, there are tons of things to check out and South Bank is one of the best places to explore this city from.


09.00am – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


You’ve just finished your breakfast and are ready to start the day, now let’s explore some of that wildlife, Australia is so famous for! Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the largest Koala sanctuary in the world. Here you can find 130 koalas, as well as snakes, Tasmanian devils, platypuses, crocodiles and many other kinds of Australian wildlife. Many animals in Australia are threatened or endangered and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary helps save and maintain stable animal populations. You can see some of their work here. At this sanctuary you can hold a koala and get your picture taken, feed and cuddle with kangaroos and experience live bird feeding sessions! Lone Pine is a place, where young and old can learn about Australian native animals. So if you love animals, don’t miss this unique australian experience.


11.00am – Brisbane Museum


At the Brisbane Museum you can find a great combination of history, culture and art. Their most recent featured exhibition takes you straight to space! “NASA – A human adventure” explores humankind’s exploration of space, rocket science and space flight and gives South Bank visitors the opportunity to learn about real rocket engines, astronaut’s diets and explore original artefacts from space. The exhibition features more than 250 historically significant artifacts from the United States and Soviet Union space programs. The Brisbane Museum also provides a great learning environment for children of all ages and even boasts a designated children’s area.


1.00pm – The Wheel of Brisbane


After a well deserved lunch, why not explore Brisbane from a different angle? You might have already spotted it, the Wheel of Brisbane is hard to miss and is conveniently located in the heart of South Bank and adjacent to the South Bank parklands. It offers visitors a 360 degree panoramic view of Brisbane city and takes you as high as 60 metres above the ground. All gondolas are fully enclosed, air conditioned and can fit up to 8 people. If you are still feeling peckish, why picnic in one of the gondolas while you explore the heights of Brisbane. Check out their packages here.


2.00pm – Streets Beach


Streets Beach, or otherwise known as the Lagoon of Brisbane is Australia’s only man made inner city beach. Expect fine white sand, palm trees and blue water all year round. The lagoon is patrolled by lifeguards in busy times and offers many spaces to relax along its shore. The lagoon is surrounded by the South Bank parklands, which not only offer a green backdrop but also boast many great opportunities to explore rivers, ponds, tropical greenery, unique temples and an epicurious garden, which is a great installment to learn about tropical fruits.


3.00pm – Kangaroo Point Cliffs


The Kangaroo Point cliffs are stunning, 30 metre high, heritage listed and one of the main places to go in Brisbane if you enjoy recreational activities. Their close proximity to South Bank guarantees for an enjoyable 15 minute walk along the riverside. Companies like Riverlife make use of their beautiful backdrop and offer activites such as abseiling the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, renting kayaks and many more. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try to climb one of the many climbing routes along the cliffs – in safety gear of course. There’s also a beautiful park fully equipped with self use barbecues if you would like to relax and unwind along the riverside. After relaxing at the cliffs for a while, catch a ferry into the city and hop on bus 471 to take you to your next destination, Mount Coo-tha.


8.00pm – Mount Coot-tha Lookout


At the Mount Coot-tha Lookout, you can view Brisbane in all of its glory. This spectacular lookout cannot be missed and offers some of the greatest views of Brisbane. Mount Coo-tha is the perfect destination to watch the sunset or sunrise from. Expect twinkeling city lights and a view that will take your breath away!


We hope you enjoyed your perfect day in Brisbane! See our available packages to book your stay with us and explore our beautiful river city.

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